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Reset of the Human Morphic Field

We are entering Dwapari Yuga in 2024 as estimated by most Vedic scholars. This means the ending to the age of darkness or Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is demarcated by the rise of extremism and the fall of integrity and values. Kali refers to the demon, not the goddess in terms of energy stereotype and level of ignorance. As we make this shift, a visible split is taking place in the name traditions and this is one of the many ways the human field is transforming to face the coming changes.

Over the last 10 years we have witnessed a dramatic increase in non-traditional baby names. Perhaps we are all trying to break away from the morphic fields of traditionality. If you’ve ever named a child, you’ll know the feeling of a name and remember all the people you know with it. You realize the emotional weight of a name and how many times that name is repeated with its psychological baggage if it is shared with other people who were conflicted with you in the past. It is as if we all have directed our compass towards authenticity rather than repetition. As soon as that name comes up, you immediately think of all the people with that name and how you really feel about them. Whether it is a conscious or unconscious phenomenon, we are changing from regurgitation to authentic creation, restructuring what is acceptable, and illuminating the joyful and peaceful nature of life as an individual. Humans are tuning in to the the value of identity neutrality as a person is developing. My impression of the energy is that we are going through a complete reset of the human morphogenic field in order to expand possibilities and moving towards a more aligned expression into the future.

I personally have always felt that a person’s name was a very important aspect of their character. Those in resonance with their given name are automatically at ease with who they are, while those fo us with a discordant name have always experienced a feeling of conflict or misalignment. This is because a name anchors us to a specific morphogenic field. In case you're not familiar with the term, every entity or individual thought stream(concept) has a morphic field of possibility connected to it along with its Akashic records, history, qualities and related memories. The human field has been in resonance with mostly traditional names for a very long time. Just 40 years ago a biblical name wave was taking place on Earth. Thousand year old names were still being recycled. However today you will rarely hear a Matthew among the toddlers at your swim class. We are witnessing a clear breaking away from norms and a re-establishment in self expression, playfulness and awakening of our divinity. Some are expressing their appreciation of nature with the surge of nature baby names like Sage, Zinnia, Dahlia, Onyx, River, Cedar, Juniper, and Taiga; while, others are expressing a more cosmic connection with names like Orion, Drake, Andromeda, Zeta, Arcturus, Cassiopeia, Phoenix; and not to mention spiritual names like Malachi, Yeshua, Elohim, Aura, and Odin. All of them leave us with a sense of freshness. The feeling of neutrality is amazing enjoyable and so many parents are tuning into this vibration.

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