Acupressure Neck Massage

Signature Massage- If you are looking to decompress and relax, our signature style of gliding strokes and passive joint movement will release your kinks and knots, help move lymph through your body and relax you into a deep healing state.  Great for recovery after athletic events and activity.  Includes aromatherapy (Young Living Oils) and option to add hot stones.


Structural Bodywork-  Work that is focused on creating symmetry and alleviating long standing chronic conditions.  Several sessions should be done in regular intervals to integrate the whole body and create a new relationship to movement and gravity.  This work can be very intense but has long lasting effects that give your body a new life.​

Sports Massage- Deep gliding strokes release your tense muscles after athletic events, regular training and endurance activities. Usually focused on specific areas to restore your flexibility and remove pain.  Comes with aromatherapy (Young Living oils) to relive soreness and pain in the tissues. 

Traditional Thai Medical Massage-  Performed on the floor on a kapok mat. Client is clothed and taken through a series of passive stretches and deep rhythmic compressions. This can be one of the deepest massages depending on your needs. Practitioner stands on the back of your legs and thighs to get a deep lasting relief from tension. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move and bend.

Hot Stone- Full body hot stone massage to smooth out the kinks and knots.  Uses oil to assist the glide of stones, easing you into deep relaxation.  Get pampered with a delightfully relaxing warming massage. Includes hot towel and facial massage. 

Craniosacral Therapy-  A gentle touch technique that brings you into a deep awareness and relaxation. From accessing this deeply relaxed state, your body will begin to unwind and release itself.  This modality can be practiced on acute injury and is even safe to use on infants in the cases of birth trauma.  This modality tends to create emotional releases and is a multi layered experience.

Vibrational Medicine- a complete reset of the electromagnetic field using tuning fork. This modality releases the programming and trauma stored in the Aura of the individual, allowing for a changed interphase with reality. This session will give you the ability to move past barriers and blocks of past emotional experiences. 

Reiki- Universal love energy healing.  Reiki is a Japanese modality that originated in the last century. It uses the life force energy which flows through all living things to create peace, vitality and a deeply relaxing healing state. Practitioner will change hand positions through out the session, but the energy will flow anywhere it needs to go in your body. 

Shamanic Reiki- with client participation we get to the energetic roots of illnesses, pain and traumas that prevent natural flow of energy throughout the body. Session may focus on removing intrusions, cords, soul contracts or assist in soul recovery. 

Matrix Energetics-  A rare energy technique that uses the concepts of quantum physics and the field of opening possibilities to make profound shifts in the information stored in your electro magnetic field. Small change in the energetic field creates large change in the physical world. This modality requires special training and sensitivity on the part of the practitioner.  Life-changing work which can be used to manifest health and prosperity for the recipient. 

Tarot Reading- If you are looking for spiritual guidance and direction in life, this reading will highlight your soul priorities and the lessons at hand. The session will reveal the energies present around you and offer meaningful ways to shift unwanted energies.  Intuitive messages and sometimes relatives in spirit will come through to communicate.


Raindrop Therapy- using the wisdom of the purest plant extracts, this modality facilitates healing in a way that is unique and different from any other style of bodywork.  Plant oils are applied in a specific fashion to the feet and spinal column producing a potent effect of disinfecting and realigning in the cells of the body.  Chronic pains vanish for long periods of time after treatment and mystery ailments drop off the radar. There is no way to describe the feeling, it is best experienced for yourself.