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I have been teaching kundalini, therapeutic yoga and meditation for over a decade and this workshop offering is the culmination of my energetic, educational and expressive offerings.  What I create is a safe space for you to process, release and surrender, while connecting in a guided way to your authentic self. With the tools I provide, you have the opportunity to shed complexities and hangups from your current life and align more clearly and powerfully with your inner strength, self-control and clarity when it comes to your health and wellness.  Bask in the soothing sounds of crystal bowls, gong and musical offerings while you do your inner work and give your body what it needs through breath, gentle movement and many special techniques that have been protected and cherished through the ages.  


In this time of division we need connection and joy more than ever, so I am also happy to create a private custom overnight weekend retreat with food and lodging for your close group (we can accommodate 4-8people). Contact me directly to schedule a private single day 2.5h workshop for your private group or book a whole weekend getaway in a retreat center in Laporte with meals and lodging. Mix and match Educational and Ceremonial experiences, with option to add holistic service blocks that include massage, acupuncture, energywork, matrix energetics and tarot reading. 

Educational Workshops:

Therapeutic Techniques Workshop

  • Learn to balance your body with breath-synchronized viniyoga practice and engage your unique muscles of balance for structural integrity. As a bodyworker and 500 hour certified Yoga Teacher, I am able to see the patterns unique to your body which cause you discomfort and I know how to correct them. 

  • Receive specialized attention and custom homework practice to create strength in weak places. 

  • Breathing techniques training to take home and enhance your personal meditation practice.

  • Experience a gong bath to reset discordant patterns and clear your field.


First Breath Workshop

  • Expand lung capacity with select kundalini practices and learn vital breath control.

  • Develop breath endurance and power up your diaphragm muscles for better endurance and fitness.

  • Melt into a gentle restorative yoga and sound journey practice.

  • Establish energy circulation and organ replenishing breathing.

  • Spend time rejuvenating your nervous system and healing your emotional body as related to muscle patterns.


Find Your Voice Workshop

  • Learn to use sound currents to focus your mind and find your inner strength.

  • Get comfortable using your voice for meditation practice.

  • Explore the chakra sound currents along with energy circulation through hand mudra application.

  • Devotional voice meditations using a heart mantra to activate your vibrational body.

  • Light yoga and breathing practice included to energize and strengthen your voice. 

Visualization and Intuitive Development Workshop

  • Learn to control your awareness to attune to subtle energies and open extrasensory perception.

  • Practice using your intuition, explore your psychic abilities and learn about the “clares”.

  • Discover techniques that psychics and energy healers use to shift subtle patterns and receive insights.

  • Baronikov method demonstration and practice to control your field the energy field.

  • Matrix energetics demonstration and practice on receiving information from the field of others. 


Dream Wisdom Healing Workshop

  • Learn shamanic history of dreaming and the power of dreams to heal.

  • Develop creative writing to harness your dream power and find the thread of consciousness that weaves waking and dreaming life together.

  • Reclaim your lost soul pieces through dream journeying using recurrent or emotionally charged dreams.

  • Practice using your dream journal to establish your personal dream healing discipline. 

  • If the only time you have for self work is when you're falling asleep at night, this workshop is for you.

Ceremonial Journey Workshops:

Earth Activation -Womb of Time

Purpose: Restore vitality and connection to Mother Earth

  • Grounding yoga and meditation practice with R(H)apé plant journey
  • Enter the realm of the Earth in order to deepen spiritual foundation.

  • Integration with Breathwork, Crystal Ceremony and Gong bath healing.

  • Establish foundation and energy flow through the root center.



Water Activation - Emotional Flow and Balance

Purpose: Emotional healing, awaken fertility, reconnect to the flow of your creative power.

  • Honor emotions as a compass of divine will and true hearts desire.
  • Experience an assisted auric field clearing with rattle and wind chimes.

  • Participate in a water blessing and offering to share with your group.

  • Learn a water blessing song you can use any time any day.


Air Activation - Limitless Potential

Purpose: heart healing, awakening of joyful spirit, bring in divine inspiration and opening spiritual gifts. 

  • Work with sacred cacao in order to invite gratitude.
  • Enjoy a playful retreat for heart opening and joy.

  • Take a journey with the Heart Drum and Rose quartz heart.

  • Bathe in the sounds of crystal bowls and chimes.


Fire Activation - Crucible of Fire

Purpose: Sacred alchemy of releasing and renewing. Rewriting your troubled past, redefining relationship to your wounds, and breaking free from your traumas.​

  • Give yourself the opportunity to process and transmute identification with life’s challenges through writing.

  • Know who you are without past burdens and use ancient technologies to break free from your habitual frame of mind.

  • Journey with Shilajit tea, which is an Agni (fire) activator.

  • Rewrite your story through the lens of your true self.


Spirit Activation - Life after Life

Purpose: Discovering soul essence and burning through the old with kundalini practices.  

  • Experience the transcendental nature of kundalini kriya practices.
  • Breathe new life into your life mission and receive a personal daily practice to keep you going through the density of material world. 

  • Experience past life memories of meaning and significance in order to deepen your self concept.

  • Learn to let go so you can receive the messages from your higher power  through automatic writing easily and playfully.

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