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On the Subject of Pain

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Now that I am 9 months pregnant, some of my usual activities cause my body to act out in ways I am no used to. Last night when I was having one of the worst migraines in over a year and a half, points on my body would begin to ache and as I pressed them, the headache would ease up. There were several in my eyebrows, which would then move to some other area after squeezing them for about a minute. Then it moved to points in my shoulder and then one between my thumb and index finger. All I could do was follow the instructions from pain and my body would give me relief. Whenever I am not well, I have noticed my body telling me how to heal by highlighting pressure points I need to use and the order in which to use them. This is Golden energy of temporary conditions.

When I work on clients in my healing sessions, I can sense the points in their bodies well. I create a treatment plan using the feedback and information I receive from the client to best suit their needs and muscle tension. Each person responds differently to the application of various modalities and after many years in practice I can feel the tissues and understand which one they will react to the best. As I work the muscles I also ask the clients to engage certain areas and find other ways of moving the joint, in a sense re-educating the body to create a new pattern of movement to replace the one driving the condition. I will activate and push the energy forward through the channels and help the condition change and go away. Following the channels intuitively in addition to standard bodywork procedures has given many relief in just a single session.

From time to time I encounter individuals with chronic pain, I often see “dead zones” this is chronic dark energy. In this case I guide the client into the area to find the longstanding pattern that caused the condition and together we make a plan to recovery. These chronic conditions require active participation from the client in the time between sessions, adding specific exercises and activities to their daily routine to begin correcting. Chronic conditions take years to develop and should not be expected to resolve after only one session.

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