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Introducing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

New Lunar year and new offerings at Cosmic Balance. This month I added a new, non-invasive, ways to help you thrive and overcome health challenges. This year I am bringing back multiple services and introducing the AmpCoil system as conjunction treatment to existing ones. You now have the option to add AmpCoil sessions to existing energy and bodywork sessions or as a stand alone AmpCoil Sessions. This device has quite literally changed my life, so I am happy to offer it as a part of my practice in 2023. This cutting-edge device offers protocols that target specific tissues or conditions. Additionally there are programs to bolster emotional health, concentration/focus, higher self connection, restful delta dream states, anxiety and depression release.. It is quite remarkable. Since I started using it a short few month ago my dreams have returned, by heel fracture has mended and I feel more settled and at peace. The results reported after each session are simply phenomenal. Listed below are just a few links for research studies on PEMF and bone ailments.

This is my personal story. Some of you may already know about my healing crisis in the Summer of 2022 which left me unable to walk and in daily pain. In the middle of my marathon training I suffered a complete rupture of my plantar fascia following a series of 4 separate injuries. My body also developed a huge talo-calcaneal cyst, bone marrow edema (which is a sign of stress fracture) and it seemed that this injury would never go away. On top of my issues, my daughter fell terribly ill for 2 months straight this fall with CoVID/RSV and multiple additional respiratory infections and autoimmune conditions. She maintained very high fevers for 7 weeks straight. I decided to tryPEMF AMPCoil sessions with her. I had her sit on my lap with the device placed between us while I read stories to her. My intention was to support her immune system, so we did immune and respiratory protocols. I never anticipated potential benefits to my injured foot. To my surprise, when we left the sessions, not only did my daughter improve, but I experienced being pain free for the first time in 6 months! This became a pattern - once a week we would go and each time my foot pain decreased until I was able to walk without limping and for the first time since June I felt like myself again. I have increased my sessions and remarkably I am almost 100 recovered from my injury. My daughter got better and her autoimmune conditions went into remission and the symptoms disappeared.

Since then I have done tons of research and this method appears to be without bounds in terms of application. Nearly every condition I have researched, from kidney failure to Lymes has been shown to improve with PEMF application. Research has shown that it even reverses aging, increases autophagy and assists in the removal of harmful substances from the system.

Sessions are now available as add ons and stand-alone!

Medical paper compiling PEMF research on cancer:

Bone fracture healing and arthritis research studies PEMF:

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