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Introducing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

Updated: Jan 19

New year and new offerings abound at Cosmic Balance. This month I have added a few new, non-invasive, ways to help you thrive and overcome health challenges. This year I am bringing back multiple services as well as introducing the AmpCoil as a conjunction treatment to existing ones. You now have the option to add AmpCoil sessions to existing energy work and bodywork sessions or as a stand alone cupping and AmpCoil Session. This device has changed my life and I am happy to bring it into my practice in 2023. This cutting-edge device offers protocols such as cleanses for fungi, molds, poisons, amoebas, chronic infections, covid, leaky gut bacteria, heavy metal toxicity, superbugs, and waterborne illnesses. Additionally there are programs to bolster each of the organ systems, emotional health, concentration/focus, higher self connection, dream states and relaxation. It is quite remarkable.

Some of you know that I encountered a healing crisis in 2022 which left me unable to walk and in daily pain. In the middle of my marathon training I suffered a complete rupture of my plantar fascia after a series of 4 incidents. My body also developed a huge talo-calcaneal cyst, considerable bone bruising, bone marrow edema (which is a sign of stress fracture) and it seemed that this injury might never go away. On top of my issues, my daughter fell terribly ill for 2 months straight this fall with CoVID/RSV and additional respiratory infections. She maintained very high fevers for weeks straight and I was beginning to really worry. I decided to start doing AMPCoil sessions with her on my lap and the device placed between us since she is still little and doesn't sit still very well. My intention was to support her immune system, so we did immune and respiratory protocols. I never anticipated potential benefits to my own health. To my surprise, when we left the sessions, not only my daughter improved, but I experienced being pain free for the first time in 6 months! This became a pattern - once a week we would go and each time my foot pain decreased until I was able to walk without limping and for the first time I felt like myself again.

As you might be aware, electromagnetic fields emanate from each human body and likewise surrounding fields influence our vitality and health. For example when the Russians launched their first manned flight, they discovered the pilot lost his memory once outside of the earths electromagnetic field. They realized that humans cannot operate without an electro-magnetic field, so they imposed an artificial EMF in order for their pilot to retain their ability to function in space. This paved the way for modern space travel and demonstrated the importance of electromagnetic for living organisms. Obviously we are currently bombarded with all kinds of exogenous EMFs which create stress and disorders in our fields. The AmpCoil provides a smooth sine wave EMF that soothes and restores balance in the body with remarkable results. My dreams have come back at night, I feel more rested upon waking and more at ease and at peace within myself. My colleagues have had fantastic success treating Lyme disease and other chronic conditions that live so deep in the body that pharma drugs are unable to reach them. The results reported by users are simply phenomenal.

Schedule a session to try it for yourself!

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