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Soul Recovery

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

At this time what spirit is asking me to share is that if given the space and intent, wholeness and wellness is within your reach. You don't need a ton of fancy gadgets or machinery. You do not require complicated methods of training that cost thousands of dollars and draw on for days weeks and months. All you need is your playful willingness to explore the possibilities, and openness to what shows up. The bottom line is if you make time for yourself to inquire within on how to heal, your body/mind/consciousness will provide the answers you seek. The truth is always available to you at every moment as long as you can set aside your linear/stubborn/rational mind that is full of programmed information and use the open/willing/creative mind of a child to look with curiosity and see what happens when you interact with the unique truth being presented to you. If you think nature is creative and we come from nature, then you can imagine that the healing takes place in the same natural effortless manner of a tree growing from seed. This growth does not need anything outside of a supportive and calm environment and likewise, you only need a calm supportive space in the privacy of your home or at a safe healing location when working with a practitioner.

The conscious decision to become whole through soul recovery has done more for me in a short period of time than all the conventional methods over the course of a decade. This technique has been given many names and is practiced across cultures and disciplines, yet it is somewhat shamanic in its history, as it was practiced since humans have been around through medicine men and women of earth. While many ancient people had this knowledge, modern day cutting edge practitioners and even some therapists are no stranger to the process. In fact the first time I came across something like this was straight out of college at a therapists office after traumatic event in my life. The therapist had me go back to the place where the pain lives. She had me visualize nurturing the abused inner child which made me break down and cry. Just having that little moment of connection to my old defenseless child and offering comfort created a good feeling inside and soothed my soul in a different way. This type of work has made it into mainstream counseling treatments under different nomenclature, but preserving the key components. That is intention, visualization and energy tracking from an experienced practitioner to complete the process. In ancient shamanic cultures the vehicle for this healing is your breath, the song or icaro of the healer/guide, along with the joined perceptual experience that allows us to touch on the wounds somewhere in another time period and location. Knowing what we know through quantum physics these days gives even more support to the the practice as identified through science. For example it has been shown in experiments that what was once in relationship, continues to be linked through quantum resonance, and that time and distance do not decrease the resonance of what was once in relationship. When we influence a piece/entity/being that was once in relationship, we also influence the other piece/entity/being regardless of where it is in space and time. In addition consciousness is what allows us to have an imagination and it is exactly that vehicle which creates coherence on a soul level.

So here we stand at the doorway of healing and wholeness, but what is it that we are seeking?

It is important to ask clear questions in order to receive the answers we are looking for. It will be a series of questions and answers that will take you where you need to go. For example, if you are stuck with a chronic problem that seems to haunt you through years and many attempts to resolve but you never see any long term results in your condition, try asking "what is the source of origin of this pattern?". It is likely that you have already received the answer in the past through a repeating memory or dream of the event which caused soul loss. Perhaps you are always remembering a certain place you lived where a trauma took place and images pop into your head randomly. These types of recurring thoughts, memories or dreams are pointing you in the direction you need to go to gather the soul piece and return your lost strength and energy. All this time your soul has been dropping hints for you to claim your power again, revisit this location mentally/intuitively/visually, interact with what you see there and find a way to bring back what is yours and integrate the missing piece. Every situation is unique and every experience will be different, so there is no formula that can be given which will work for every case. However, there is a process of inquiry, intuition, continuous desire to heal and willingness to work with the symbols until you receive confirmation (usually in the form of a dream) that signals closure. When the process is complete you will feel the difference and recognize the strengths you once had. This is why I am beginning recorded and group events to assist others in learning how to put together the clues and images to resolve their long standing pains, obstacles and sabotaging behaviors. The fundamentals of the process are breath work, visualization and trust in the process. Spirit will take any opportunity available to work with you in bringing your intention to heal to fruition.

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