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Every side has a blindspot. No one is perfect therefore we all need to extend a little compassion at this time. As we are all licking our wounds after election season, the messages coming through are all about creation and minding our own business. Because every side has a blindspot, we can infinitesimally dissect each other for every misdeed without ever arriving at a place of happiness or agreement. It's time to forgive and move on with living your life the best way you see fit. The messages I am getting for humanity are to respectfully mind our own business and conduct ourselves at our highest and most integral ideal. We will arrive at happiness much faster and with greater success if we create from a place of love and alignment rather than from a place of hate and anger. It is more impactful to get busy doing something that brings your truth to life than wasting time attempting to edit, manage or control someone else's apparent miscreation. In fact the best course of action is to ask yourself how you may have contributed to your global or personal irritations in your life (dig if you must for an answer) then forgive and release. Of course the thing we ought to do is show the world how to do it better and love doing it. The idea that we have to fight for something immediately invites struggle into our lives. If you pay attention to nature, life creates and gives freely and abundantly without any struggle. When a need arises animals keep their focus strong and zero in on that which they need rather quickly. If you examine the tracks of a dog for example, and compare them to a coyote, you will see that the coyote conserves his energy and travels in a straight line moving towards his destination. The dog, on the other hand, meanders around and around wasting his energy. This quality was likely absorbed by watching humans!

In order to align with the timing of nature, you must act like the coyote and not the dog. Certainly at least a handful of commitments we have unconsciously made to squander our daily energy and life force can be identified and eliminated right away in order to fit in our life goals. The only way to do this is actually to identify the most important lifetime goals you may have at this time. Take 30 seconds and write down the top 3 things you want to accomplish in your life. Don't hesitate or delay, just write down exactly what shows up for you at this time. Now take a moment to break these things down into multiple steps and get a sense of time frame this can all fit into. Organize these steps by natural order in which they must be accomplished. Those steps can further be broken down into individual steps. At night create tomorrow's to do list and identify which activities can be eliminated all together. Now when you wake up in the morning, the first natural life goal step on that list should be your first item of business on your to do list (unless there are other pressing issues with a deadline of course).

Block off that time in your schedule and let nothing short of an emergency come between you and that accomplishment. Create boundaries to protect your daily work time from energy suckers and all that is not moving us towards a better world. The hardest and most important first step should be handled right away. No delay, no hesitation, no stopping util the step is finished. Once you start knocking down your lifetime accomplishment to do list, you will get pumped to create that which you love and all the other habits will fall away. You will be contributing to the world you love with the work you love doing and do it with great satisfaction. Remember that new patterns are like newborn babies. Therefore you must play two roles: loving nurturing mother to your newborn dreams and fierce guardian father to block all activities which don't contribute to your overall quality of life. Luckily we are still under restrictions so it's easy to continue to cocoon and convince yourself that you really need to get cracking on your soul purpose and prosperity.

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