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Sustainable Growth

The theme of this month is sustainable growth. With our intentions set, it's time to find a rhythm that will sustain us for the long haul. If you have a tendency to set goals, go fiercely into them, get to the fist set of benchmarks and fall off the map, this message is especially for you. Now is the time to adjust and improve your scheduling, habits and time commitments so that you can actually maintain the balance over a long duration of your projects. Remember to block off time for inevitable challenges and opportunities that come up. This is where we get tripped up the most and push ourselves to the limit. Remember that we cannot depend on someone else's map for our journey. We are individuals and your course must be charted with knowledge of yourself in mind. Once we set the goal posts with enough room to breathe in your schedule, we let go and let God. It is best to underpromise and over deliver than over commit and face burnout and other potential failures from over-ambition and unexpected obstacles. It is advisable to go with what feels right and puts your soul at ease. You are more likely to succeed if you enjoy the ride. Leaving time to connect to source between periods of high intensity activity, we navigate much better and stay grounded in the face of life's twists and turns.

At this time gradual development and directed evolution are at the forefront. The keys are space, rhythm, and maintenance. Just like the cycles of nature, the fragile buds are vulnerable and must be taken care of for the rest to come to fruition. Take care of the essentials and try to be concise in your efforts, spending little time on frivolous activities through out the day with the exception of planned rest and rejuvenation.

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