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Moving Through Honey

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

The month of September has the energy of moving through honey. It is asking us to continue with the set goals despite major setbacks and continuous changes in external influences. This is definitely a month that will feel like an uphill climb through fog and rain. Many will feel completely deflated and run down this month. I highly recommend the use of homeopathic cell salts for this reason. Identify your major symptoms and incorporate the appropriate salt remedy before breakfast and in between meals, giving your body time to heal as you allow the remedy dissolve under your tongue. The cell chart is included at the end. The energy of the alchemist is showing up in a big way this month with many of us being handed a pile of junk and asking to turn it into gold. It is like a riddle that requires all of our focus and attention. The game of solving it can be very fun if you fully commit and submit to the mission at hand, but can feel like pulling teeth if we give in to urges of checking out and being distracted with our typical addictions and comfort pleasures. In this case giving in to these urges will be detrimental. This month I highly advise to fully focus and surrender to the major life goals and associated tasks that keep all things in balance. If your'e not paying attention to the details and planning accurately in your calendar, you may miss payments, suffer losses and accrue undesirable debt. The major themes are goals, dedication and process. If you don't have one already, get a serious planner or journal where you check in with your goals, progress and failures. Balance books and update credit card info for automatic payments with all your accounts. Take comfort in routine and allow yourself to experience the depth of commitment to self and family. Consistent application of self discipline will provide big unexpected opportunities and rewards along the path.

Despite the monumental challenge of staying engaged in work this month, it is also essential to stay connected to our support system at this time. The general tension in the social atmosphere these days should not defeat important friendships and family relations. Stay in contact and check in with loved ones often. This may be a good time to send out some cards just to say hello. A little sweetness and caring goes a long way when it comes to letting others know they matter and are loved and appreciated. Letting the social division continue will create permanent riffs and damage in close relations. If there ever was time to find common ground, it is now. Every time you feel the divisive energy come up, try bring it back to something grounded and real instead. Tangible and palpable experiences are superior to getting lost in ideologies and looking for examples of problems and conflict. Remember that each of us is doing the best we can, no matter how it appears to outsiders. Each human is operating at the best capacity and ability in their current evolution process. Be very careful of pointing fingers and assigning blame to others. It is very easy to color groups by their worst members and color people by their worst moments. However, doing this produces the opposite of desired outcomes. The spiritual path is that of integration, forgiveness and compassion. Any time that grouchy part of self arises, take time to meditate and clear emotionally and ask "what can I work on now that produces the biggest impact in my life?" and do that. Clear your mind with powerful breathing exercises or fitness activities to move extra challenging feelings through your body and turn them into positive and productive action.

Stay away from living in the world of ideals and seeing only that which you want to see. Avoid looking for confirmation to your emotionally charged beliefs and instead ask to see the full balanced picture. Challenge yourself to see a negative and a positive in each event or circumstance. Falsehood lurks in thinking conditions must be one way for us to move forward, limiting the realm of possibilities that makes the world go round. Looking for constant reassurance from the outside world is the work of ego, that is not rooted in its own spirit. Obsessively searching for confirmation of one sided perspectives will not bring the fulfillment it promises. If ever there was a time to find neutrality, it is now. Stepping out of the many social wars at this moment is a huge skill to have for the month of September. Realizing that there are forces at play that manipulate our emotions for their own benefit is the first step in detachment. Being upset due to something not immediately present or in a realm you have little influence over is the best way to misuse your personal power and waste your precious time. As we allow these things to trickle into our lives, we often forget to do the things that have measurable impact on us directly. Spending a large part of the day obsessing over world events will take away much energy to accomplish what actually matters in our lives. This is where many of us will become aware of instances where we rely too much on luck. We will quickly be snapped back to reality from the world of ideals and dreams if we depend on lady luck this month. It may take a ticket, a car accident, a missed payment, or completely dropping the ball for some of us to come back to the palpable present. The foundation for practical, measurable progress needs to exist for progress to be made. Empires aren't built on wishes alone. For some, this month will seem that luck has finally run out, yet behind the let downs find a clear lesson. As with any new habit, extricating yourself from longstanding patterns takes concentration and effort. Write it in your weekly goals and build the foundation that allows you to rely on yourself with positive action rather than luck and chance. Overall, this month feels like the pressure to perform is on and with proper direction and use of power will produce an amazing feast and toss us some gold nuggets when navigated properly. I cannot emphasize being intentional, calculating and thoughtful action enough.

Use the following reference chart to select a cell salt for support this month. Homeopathic cell salts are readily available at most health food stores.

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