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Recognizing Self

Just over a year ago I left all social medial platforms in order to simplify and reduce the noice in my life. Today I can say that was truly one of the best things I have done for myself and for everyone around me. My stress level has been tremendously lower and I have really been given the chance to look at myself through the lens of my own perception. It is as if the social media lens has been distorting my vision of self as well as driving behaviors not completely aligned with who I was. When I had no public audience, the game became all about me. I became much more focused and present in the relationships I hold in my immediate family unit. My business started evolving and changing too. It became apparent that reducing the number of incoming ideas cleared the way to reduce the outgoing streams of energy.

Prior to this change my business was moving in several different directions. Once I cleared my space and working memory I was able to refine the offerings and consolidate ideas in a more harmonious way. I recognized that my best work moves in a more free flowing offering: not the compartmentalized modalities I was taught in school. I reflected on the years of session remembering that most clients were willing to do whatever modality it takes to achieve results. I decided to rebrand my offerings to offer my personal flavor of bodywork, which evolved as a result of experience with many bodies and study of what works and what doesn’t. I tuned into a space of looking at my clients and feeling what they need, rather than mentally analyzing and trying to pin client to style into generalized categories. I recognized that my style of bodywork is to give exactly what the person needs in the moment, whether that is structural, myofascial or neuromuscular in nature. This paved the way to only offer sessions I enjoyed giving more accurately defined sessions and my clients had much more positive feedback in return. Finally, I decided to collapse the energy modalities into one because it's more important to use the most appropriate tool in the moment when it comes to emotional procession and somatic recovery through conscious streaming. By adding a signature style massage and collapsing my energy work modalities I released the need to represent a particular style and instead serve my customers.

This is just one example of the benefit of unplugging from social media. The others were improvements in my family relationships and facing my challenges beneath the surface. I decided to commit myself to improving the little things about how I conduct my life. I pinpointed a few that would be relatively easy for me to do, which also had the capacity to greatly improve the quality of life for my family. When I would wake up in the morning, I was not interested in saying hello through SM platforms, but began accomplishing tasks that had immediate result and rewards. I made my relationship with my husband a priority and finally changed some of the things we had fought about in the past. For whatever reason, when my attention was split, I could not see the road to improvement in several areas, or maybe too many things were on my mind. whatever the reason, when the noise was tuned out, I was able to act more and react less. I noticed in how I had unconsciously been overstepping the boundaries of our relationship because I would exhaust myself with the problems of the world and didn’t have much positive to share with my partner. I realized that every moment I spent nurturing connection with my daughter and husband was in itself a seed that would grow into something completely miraculous and beautiful. Essentially I recognized that my personal life is the part of the world I can control and that is something my family will forever remember. Just a few intentional moments of dedicated attention a day to the people you love pave the way for a lifetime of happiness.

By removing external triggers, I noticed the aggressions that were actually coming from ME. I saw for myself several chronic unexamined issues that were holding me back. Some of these were issues my previous partners brought up and I blew off. For whatever reason in the past I wasn’t capable of accepting that these things could be that important. Now I see that these are some of the most basic things that support relationships. I even noticed the violence in my words if I had been drinking. I noticed this sort of deviciveness emerged whenever I drifted into unconscious territories, which is now the subject of my shamanic work and meditation. I did not have many models of positive behavior growing up and the person I spent the most time with in childhood imprinted quite a mess of emotions and shadows. I saw them living in me unconscious programs in the deep. By settling into my open unhindered space, I finally realized what had been sabotaging my relationships. It was my own ignorance of the very messages the universe had been sending. When we fill our lives with endless noice, keeping busy, it is easy to ignore our own core flaws. As I was becoming aware of these insights, I also knew that this time I would go after those problems and reformat my dealings. It made me more thoughtful about how my actions influence people and how my decisions are paving the road for the future. It became desperately apparent that if I continued on that path, I would not be happy with the destination. This realization gave me the impetus to become resolute in my mission again and to refine my life into meaningful and orderly output with enough rest and recovery between the bursts of effort.

Overall removing external emotional pressures of social media made me a more present participant in my own life. When my mind was not being drawn away into information, I started just taking care of all the basics in the households. I began improving the look and feel of the house and immediate environment, which lifted the energy of the family. I more diligently tended to my environment, which included plants, animals, and fixing up the house. My business evolved and reshuffled into a more harmonious flow. Of course there is still much work to do and I never fully feel like I’ve “arrived” anywhere, the trajectory of my life now feels exciting and exhilirating. Everything in my life received a facelift. Everything became simplified. Combined with limited contact over the past 2 years, this social media fast scrubbed my life clean.

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