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Everything is About Relationship

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

The energy of this month comes as a clear smooth wave of relief. Those of us who took care of the details and built a strong foundation of order and organization are going to be enjoying riding the momentum on a smooth clear and focused trajectory. The overview is very insightful and clear. While our investments on the public market are seeing some uncertainty, our advanced daily habits and behaviors are providing a blanket of security and abundance. The luck that we make beats the luck that we take any day of the week. Many of us have chosen to step into discomfort and growth over the last few months and the new shoes are starting to break in and feel a bit more cozy. At this stage a gradual increase in commitment to our new values and being careful not to overload ourselves with additional responsibilities provide for smooth sailing. If you headed the warnings of last month to focus on yourself rather than reacting to the manipulation of external forces, you should come out of September with feet planted firmly on the ground and new pathways around seemingly insolvable problems will begin to reveal themselves. Unorthodox solutions will spring up in your mental space and if you act on them promptly and efficiently, they will lead to success. Still the habit of being selective where we spend our precious hours so we don't end up run down is crucial to maintain.

For those who may have not heeded the calls but made some mistakes they have to pay for, I say everything comes down to your relationship to the universe and higher power. Everything in life is about relationship and personal integrity. This idea has proven itself to me many times over the years and I would like to offer this as an experiment for all reading this transmission. I feel it is important to bring it up right now as the forces of manipulation have led some to believe that they can gain by abusing the hard work of others. In reality we each answer for our own decisions and behavior. Particularly important is the idea of theft and our feeling of entitlement to the energy of another. It is often victim or poverty consciousness that causes us to set our sights on the winnings of another. Other peoples energy that may tempt us exist as financial, material or temporal assets. While some of us do fulfill karmic contracts with others who owe their particular type of energy to us, almost always this exchange will be completed by the person willingly offering it to us and almost never is it filled by taking it forcefully or sneakily. When such karmic relationships appear in our lives there is a sense of tension and struggle at first and it naturally should lead to a balanced resolution given both parties stay humble and sort their issues out with integrity. When there is an inclination of maliciously gaining another persons property for personal gain, I urge you to remember the laws of the universe: That which you take will result in losses many times its value. That which you give from the heart will return to you many times its value.

The other day I returned to the store and asked the clerk to ring me up for the value of an item that was not scanned the last time I had been in. The clerk and the manager both looked at me dumbfounded because even they would have probably kept the item as a freebee. However, I knew that keeping it would result in a much greater loss and would compromise my integrity at this stage in my spiritual development, greatly jeopardizing my character. While they thought I was doing it for their benefit, I was actually minding my vibration and my karma over any measly gain from a "free product". Now at this time many have their eyes set on the assets of another because they feel they were somehow cheated in life and I tell you much more will be gained by asking someone directly for help rather than forcefully or sneakily taking from them. We all have friends and family who might be able to help when we are in need and we should exhaust those resources before we choose to resort to theft. Sure it is a very humbling experience to admit we need help. We may feel like a failure admitting our miscalculation or misfortune, but at the same time asking for help creates an opportunity for our loved ones to show how much they care about us and to give graciously from their hearts. Maybe you can work out a deal where the energy is exchanged fairly, but at least there will not be negative action birthed that will be have to be settled in the future.

On that note, if you have unpaid debts or borrowed items that are stagnating and sapping your mental fire, it is time to give them back. I cannot stress this enough if you are struggling with prosperity issues. Every little thing we take and think we can get away with against someones will causes more harm than good. It will start to feel like we can never get a leg up in the world and that life has turned against us in some way or we will feel like we have a streak of bad luck. Now I can tell you I have tested these claims many times in my life and I have been given astonishing gifts from following the ways of the universe. The more we align with our personal integrity, the more life hands us opportunities for growth and prosperity. If you're reading this, then probably you are a spiritual person and have some interest in personal development and evolution. Now I am of the opinion that the school of life responds to our each and every move and decision. If your luck has turned its back on you and there is no way to repay your known debts, then there is still a way to change the tides. Volunteering and offering your services to others will erase the past debts whether they are known or unknown. If you can't give your money, then give your time. Any chance you have to rise up and be an agent of love and kindness, take it. Even the little things like helping your neighbor carry groceries or opening the door for that woman with a baby will start to add up. Rightful action will set you up for success and never fails to create genuine good karma.

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