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Cycles and Movement

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

. Spirit wants us now to turn our attention to the cycles and movement in our lives. Over the next two weeks we have the opportunity to finalize a whole new expression of self that is divinely aligned and effortless. Having surrendered much of the darkness and murky energy through a series of humbling experiences this year, we are now standing at the precipice of a completely fresh endeavor. Those of us with a deep spiritual foundation feel clearer than ever in the face of current events. We feel a certainty that it is our time to shine and give birth to our life's work despite the global atmosphere because now is when it is needed most. An illuminated path shines in the darkest hour of human history. At this moment we are dead center in the Kali Yuga, where only 25% of the light of truth is visible. According to Hindu legend, the Christ/Krishna/Vishnu avatar has departed the earth plane and it is now our duty to connect to and carry this consciousness. Kali Yuga began when Christ last departed the Earth 2020 years ago. The central sun energy is now distorted and obscured which makes it nearly impossible to know what is truth by the pathways of the mind. In order to navigate the times, we must surrender to source and use the compass of our hearts. One of the keys is giving up the habits that continuously take us out of balance and presence. All unhealthy relationships must go. Substances that induce sleepiness by day and alertness by night bury us in confusion and are best tamed at this time. The gift within this challenging period is the recognition of which actions are the product of the ego, which are works of spirit, and of course the vision of how to move from one into the other. Acting from ego we are repeatedly blasted with rude awakenings. Shocked, we quickly realize we are climbing the electric fence of illusion. If a belief is in direct alignment of your expanded self, it will bring peace, courage, and harmony. If a belief is out of alignment with your truth, it brings hostility, anger, frustration and hopelessness. If you let your feelings be your guide, you can reliably navigate the current times.

Just as a wounded animal goes into a dark safe space to heal, humanity has been mending its ancestral wounds in the womb of the Kali Yuga. It is said that birth is much more painful and uncomfortable than death. I believe we are in the process of being born anew and wholly integrated. Just as a baby traveling down the birth canal cannot go back and hide in the safety of its previous home, all retreat and hesitation has now ended. We too are being ejected into new world of possibilities, challenges and discomfort that brings both, fear and fascination. Stagnation is now totally over. Movement of spirit has initiated a surge of growth, creation, surrender to action and inspiration. New beginnings have taken root, pushing out all interferences that previously could easily pull us out of alignment. The time of procrastination has finally run out. This sense of aliveness is so strong that many of us are daring to do things we never thought we could do without hesitation. The mending of the spirit taking priority now in the lives of many. Rainbow army is rising and mending the hearts and bodies of the broken. They show the way for all to remember who they truly are. Their songs and words soothe like a balm on the wounds of souls. Their integrity and courage inspire all who stand witness. Their teachings resonate in accordance with the present times to light the way. Winged soul tribes igniting illumination, clarity and action.

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