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Releasing “Otherness”

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

“Where there’s another, fear arises” said my mystic teacher during one of our lessons. His point being that perception of separation and “otherness” is the root of division, fear and all man-made problems. The idea of us vs. them is the driving force behind all conflicts and wars. Only when we realize it is ALL us, will we have peace on earth. Radical inclusion and acceptance is the balm for the wound of mankind. This is taking place in the bedroom first for many of us as we unconditionally accept our love partners.

We are in the middle of purging the sexual traumas and stigmas as a human race. At the present moment we are eliminating the thought patterns that were meant to condemn and repress the divine expression of love through sexuality. Many of us who have been raised to be ashamed of sexuality are releasing the programs that created a negative framework for the perfectly natural process of divine creation. The word "sin" that has been laid upon us as dirty ink stain on the soul is being erased. The word sin in its root actually means to "miss the mark". When we miss the mark of honoring the divine process, we do not achieve the fruits of the act. Therefore when sex is used to honor the beloved within and the beloved without, our sexual partner, we cannot be in a state of sin. The sexual act is purity and divinity in itself and has the power to create when two minds are focused on one goal. The sexual act is a birthright which can be harnessed for incredible growth and power. Likewise, when this power is misused, it has tremendous destructive potential.

The ascension codes as they be, are coming in at this time to delineate the two and to allow the disentanglement of shame and sexuality. There is purity in sex when one does not hold back the god-realized self from the partner. If you pay attention to your body in the love making, you may notice that you are either fully surrendered or you are holding back. If you feel constriction in one of your energy centers, there is an aspect of self that is not fully loved or cherished. When we withhold love for another, undoubtedly we withhold love from ourselves. If you are in a permanent type of committed relationship, there should not be a sense of constriction or holding back. It is very important to work on opening the flow of divine love during sex through all of the energy centers. It is best that both parties use sex as a tool for purity and connection to source. Focus a common intent - what you want to amplify in your reality. Much personal growth is taking place in this arena and the beloved without is a sacred mirror for the soul. That which cannot be loved in another is love we withhold from ourselves. The love we withhold from ourselves is missing the mark of honoring the totality of the divine creative process. There is no shame in that, only a mirror of what is. It is individual choice to release the judgements and enter pure awareness and understanding with this intimate interpersonal experience. Many are choosing to be love at this time; to give love fully and to no longer hold on to the framework of "others" that was laid upon us in ages past.

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