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Love is the Answer

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Abundance and overflow. The certainties of the present times... It is certain that the destruction of small businesses is going to create a vacuum for jobs and new initiatives. As human beings we will be required to more effectively collaborate with each-other on bringing new forms of business that serve community to the forefront. Love is the answer, no matter the question. Contrary to popular belief, I believe there is always a right answer and that is what benefits the most people! This is a time to find how we can serve the greater community from our overflow. What is it in your skillset that you excel at and feel the flow the most in your life? Turn your attention to this activity when the outer disturbances feel like they are just too much. Expand into your talents and gifts and if possible give half of your productivity for free. In tithing it is recommended to give 10%, but when you align with the generosity of nature, you create a huge vortex of abundance. Perhaps you have something that your community is looking for. Pay attention to peoples complaints and see if you can offer a healing/helping hand to someone in need. For example, I heard my neighbor talking about her family being in town for a week and that she does not have an AC in her house. Just then I realized that we have a practically new AC from our last place that we no longer needed! We happily gave it to her and it will benefit 10 times more people as her family comes to town to stay with her in the middle of summer. Opportunities to help and be generous are everywhere and you don't have to spend money if you have other resources available to you.

The Overall theme of overflow is also coming up in many regards. This may be in the form of floods in peoples homes, in the environment or in machinery. There will be increased events of overflow across the world that are not limited to water. High pressure systems bursting forth and spilling over. If you have allowed your home insurance to lapse, you may want to reinstate your policy and double check places that could potentially overflow and cause flooding. Same goes for making sure there are no leaks in your roof if you live in a place that goes through monsoon season as the results could be catastrophic.

You may be concerned about political and social unrest, which is undeniably frying our circuits to a major degree. At this time coming back to a physical discipline will bring vital strength and healing. For example, activities such as cultivating our own food for added support and security. You will not regret making this small investment in your life. Gardening can take place on your apartment patio via container gardens or in your back yard. It can be a creative outlet if you can find a fun container to recycle and use as a planter like an old wheelbarrow or even a boot. you can even enlist your neighbors and your child's friends to spread the fun. Not only is it beneficial for physical health, but mental health can be nourished through such grounded action at this time. Working barefoot with your hands in the soil will replenish and restore your sense of wellness. Studies have shown that the bacteria in the soil are very beneficial and have an anti-depressant effect. Earthing has also been a buzz in recent years since we have disassociated from mother Earth with our modern lifestyle, but barefoot living used to be the norm. We exchange positively charged particles with the soil, which have an antioxidant effect. Because oxidative stress is only going to increase with the new technologies being unveiled, we can expect disorders like cancer to increase as well. Taking antioxidant oils and taking other preventative measures I will discuss in the next blog will mitigate the effects. In the face of the global bug, vitamin D has also proven to be an essential ally which is easily derived by spending more time outside. Your children will love contributing to the work and eating from the garden too.

Another thing to focus on during July this year is the immediate partnerships in our lives. It is easy to get carried away with personal dogmas when domestic discord is at an all time high, but turn your attention to the love that unites all of us. Focus more on what we have in common. Rash behavior can lead to immaturity, impatience and reckless decisions. At this time practice setting ideologies and philosophies aside and work on the meaningful relationships in your life. This is the divine work that is of most import. Retreat from your computer and phone. The bombardment of incoming data is overwhelming and never in the history of mankind have we been asked to process and digest this much information. Do your research as you feel needed and then retreat into a quiet place in your temple or nature space. Retreat from people in your life who propagate stress and deplete your energy. We all have that one relative who is always asking for advice or help, but never follows through on the advice and returns to us for more time sapping discord. When people find themselves in fight or flight mode, they inevitably act in ways they normally wouldn't, so give them the benefit of the doubt and choose not to engage in mental battles or power struggles. When needed practice forgiveness. This is the one thing I will never stop doing. It is the fastest way to reconcile past losses, failures and struggles. If you need assistance in this area, I would be happy to help. There are many tools and ways to access the traumas that trigger chaos in our lives and to permanently heal and erase the memories that drain and distract us from doing Gods work. I hope these messages are of help to you.

Blessings and happy July!!!

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