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How Our Convictions Limit Outcomes.

Over the course of last year global conditions have percolated the collective insecurities up to the surface. Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, you may find yourself experiencing very unsettling feelings and waves of emotion in regards to some other population that exists on Earth. It has become increasingly clear that all of us across the board need to unclench the grip of belief in our lives. Specifically the beliefs that others should be some other way. It is in fact belief that causes us to suffer greatly, wishing that things were otherwise, making us unable to accept reality in the present moment and robbing us of the very peace we seek to find in this world. This is often a reflection of our belief investment in a particular world view, which was likely adapted from other people. Beliefs that come from others and trickle in through our insecurities are often painful because at the base level, they are not our own. When we react from a place of conviction, we hurt ourselves by thinking the world can only be one way in order for things to be right. Beliefs have many back bones including literary texts, information systems, and tangible personal experience. It is increasingly important to have fluidity within the authority reliance spectrum in order to navigate the world in a balanced, calm state of awareness. Anything that throws you off balance is hindering the natural process of life and therefore need to be examined and healed. After all, whats more important, your peace or your fight against something you disagree with? There are infinite triggers in this world and if your priority is to attack the beliefs of others until they change their minds, you will live a very long and unhappy life. If your goal in life is to be happy, then it is absolutely necessary to release the need for how things should be and accept the way they really are. Bottom line, make internal peace your priority.

Recognizing sources of information but not the way you think. In my example I speak of reliance on external systems vs reliance on you personal internal compass. In this case reliance on our consensus range of possibility has become very limiting and constricting. Contemplate the difference of that which can be measured by human made instruments, vs. that which can be measured by the human instrument himself (specifically in the state of peace and expanded consciousness). IF we think of purely mechanical terms, the human instrument is much more evolved, complex and astonishingly beautiful than any machine made by humans. It is no surprise that science has only scratched the surface of the greater universe and life on Earth. Juxtaposing the two concepts it would not be wise to base all decisions on the tiny fraction of information known by science alone. Since infinite factors are present, which yet cannot be measured and may not be measurable by humans, it would still be an assumption in many cases to accept scientific models as absolute truth. In little time scientific theories become obsolete, disproved and rewritten. In the same way social systems like schools, institutions and churches are inherently limiting our beliefs. By inherent nature, institutions are operating a software written in the past to be applied to present moment. In this way, this 'software' is outdated with each passing day we evolve as a society. As soon as text books are written the truth of the present moment begins to drift away from their teachings. SO it is therefore important not to be led by group or institutional belief alone. If there is truth, it is unfolding and alive in the present moment. In fact it is safe to believe that although truth does not evolve with the human, the availability of information surrounding truth increases as a human evolves on the spectrum of acceptance, compassion and merging with all that is. A true integrated human being will exhibit the capacity to feel, to love and embrace the immediate reality.

How then do we reach this state of calm, love, acceptance, and trust in the universe? My answer is: Don't be so sure! Possibilities are actually endless. Accept that we can never know everything and recognize that your feelings about life are just as if not more important as external input of systemic information. It's important to know your coordinates within the system, yet much much more important to be in state of reconciliation within yourself. So if you seek peace first, you will be a much more balanced decision maker. Yet if our internal process in not functioning, there is nothing that can go right outside ourselves that will mend this disfunction. It is purely an inside job. Lacking trust in the process does not help us succeed. Having trust in the greater world Earth realm, absolutely does. The range of our expectations, that which we logically identify as our possible range of choices is where outcomes fall. In psychology there is a concept that is called anchoring. For example when we bid on an item in an auction, the first number anchors our range of bidding. We are wired so that after hearing a possibility within a range, we are much more likely to make a selection close to this choice, immediately limiting our experience. Anchoring affects the outcomes of decisions being made and always skews the curve towards the primary given choice. In this way our beliefs act as anchor for outcomes in our lives and underscore the importance of releasing hard expectations in order to expand our luck and overall range of potential.

Exercise to try: Find a place of trust in the universe - any aspect of universe that is trustworthy to you and lean into that feeling with your emotional body. Can you feel that you already have what you need in this life to do what you came here to do? It is vital to find something within the greater world that you trust and allow that feeling to expand, expand, expand and arise within, unfolding outwardly, opening your heart. We can only make empowered choices from a place of heart centered calm


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