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Body of Will.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This blog is intended to direct you towards your mission on Earth. The timelines have been so fluid that there is no better time to begin intentional creation than now (why wait for new years resolutions). I will direct your attention to the messages from source and a few questions and exercises that will help to identify and redirect misused energy. As always I assure you the answers to most difficult questions in life lie within and are easily available to you now.

The primary topic coming through at this time is appropriate use of power and the need to rise to your potential. It is no secret many are struggling with depression and crippling fear at this time. Those of us who fall into the "non-essential" category are becoming the sacrificial lambs of the times. It is now especially important to connect to life's meaning and purpose. Knocking down tasks on a to do list gives an endorphin rush and can be very good at directing nervous and anxious energy. Fall back on action and reduce thinking or analyzing at this time. One spiritual lesson that I want to discuss is that we are rewarded for our efforts. Anytime we step out of the spiral of comfort and surrender, we "bank" energy that naturally attracts that which we desire. When we create, we generate. Wasting time right now by coasting through the days is not advisable. Even if your work goes towards your hobbies because you are currently unemployed, do it! Your spirit support team is noting you effort even if your progress cannot be measured in money. Once you begin to put in steady efforts to improve your particular skills, propensity or state of mind, you will see an improvement in synchronicity, your prayers will be answered and material opportunities will arise.

Obviously we are all so unique that the type of work that is important for you will be significantly different from those around you. This is why I am giving a few steps for you to pin down the important work. Through my work with plant medicines it became obvious to me that the very work I was running away from and seeing as insignificant is actually my major life challenge. My lesson was presented to me over and over through medicine journeys and supernatural experiences. I'm sure you have heard the phrase "the obstacle is the way," but I want to remind you of it again because the thing you put off, but hear complaints about the most from people around you IS what you should be working on, no matter how trivial you think it is. Now lets take a look at that pesky problem. Think of your recurrent unshakable problem... Clues can be found in the most embarrassing, devastating experiences to date.Write these down. Now look for a common lesson among all of them? No doubt there is a general theme or lesson that goes beyond the obvious situational details. if you need, meditate for a moment and zoom out into the greater themes of your life. Sit with the information while witnessing what comes up in a relaxed fashion. Invite the lesson to emerge if it is not readily apparent. I recommend working with black/silver/gold/rainbow obsidian for this type of meditation as it is a teacher and healer of traumatic events and hard lessons. Write the answers, impressions, visions and other insights that come to you.

1: What is your primary chronic issue that you just cant seem to shake? Therein lies your propensity.

2: What seems to be the quality that life is trying to help you develop through these lessons? This is where you feel most severely lacking compared to others around you and where you seem to let yourself and others down the most.

3: What possible steps can you take to strengthen yourself and face of these challenge?

4: Account for your propensity by willingly creating challenges for yourself to overcome.

Lets say your propensity is to freeze up in public speaking situations, get nervous and say some inappropriately embarrassing things. A course of action may be to enroll in Toast Masters or spoken word club and willingly subject yourself to the very fear that catches you off guard. By taking these steps, life wont have to give you hard lessons because you are willingly stepping into the challenge. Now don't fall into the trap of dismissing the problem because it seems trivial based on your present value system. It is extremely easy to prioritize the day to day demands of life over this lesson, but I assure you nothing happens without reason and if something is recurring, it is no doubt a clue as to what big lesson you came to Earth to learn.

A decision to make a change, reformat how you go about life, and process the information coming in is essential. The school of Earth is very demanding and challenging considering the available options and distractions. In the past century humanity has exponentially increased options and greatly paralyzed society through an information overload. I have heard social media described as the Medusa of our times, which is a very accurate description. The infinity of options and tempting possibilities can waste all of our time and lead us to produce nothing, basically freezing us in our tracks. It is also no secret that the most common psychiatric disturbances of the times are those concerning impulse control. Somewhere we have boarded a runaway train and seem to need one or another intervention to stop us from ending in a train wreck. Therefore it seems the plague of our time is the inability to muster up the will and execute your goals.

Will power exists as its own body. Will power is a very important dimension of the human being separate from mind and spirit. Think about how weak your physical body is if you never work out. You might be plagued by aches and pains. The slightest activity creates extreme discomfort and suffering. Likewise an undeveloped body of will power creates similar experience of struggle, failure and emotional pain. Failure to achieve goals creates suffering and anguish and the longer this weakness goes on, we lose our ability to change. So we must begin with baby steps to retrain and fortify our volition as we would with the physical body through exercise. Will is comprised of many daily decisions that accumulate to stronger and stronger power through practice. Choosing more difficult and more rewarding outcomes, often with delayed gratification, will strengthen you will body. Assigning yourself tasks that take you out of your comfort zone and get you closer to your goals while turning down the habitual lazy behaviors and insignificant indulgences that might take you into an eddy of inaction will create momentum that eventually becomes a reward in itself.

I have developed a personal reward system for the day which requires me to accomplish 5 tasks on my to do list before I can indulge in a particular reward. This makes effort measurable and also fun because you're essentially playing a game. Try to pick tasks and rewards that are about equal in value. For example when you exercise, check email, call clients, take the dog for a walk and organize your desk, you get a coffee, smoothie or cigarette or something else that seems like a well earned yet small indulgence. As the tasks get bigger and more challenging, the reward should increase in value. For example: Writing your report for work, setting monthly project due dates, finishing your bookkeeping, paying office rent and working on your marketing campaign should earn something like a happy hour with a friend. I suggest using your existing vices as the reward system if you're trying to cut back smoking or reduce your caffeine intake. Small mundane tasks are easily rewarded with small vices. As the accomplishments become significant, your reward can increase to major purchases that you've wanted for a long time, workshops and classes that feed your soul or vacation time. I noticed that using this system to distance myself from my vices became extremely effective and I started to increase the number of accomplishments to earn the reward. Don't get too zealous with this because the ego will soon feel neglected and can cause all fo it to come crashing down. Gradually inch your way up and create steady momentum. If you need to make notes for yourself initially and stay on track, but remember to schedule down time like you would an activity so you're ego doesn't throw a fit and flush all the work down the toilet. Many blessings!

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