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Welcome spring and hello new potential and intentions. April is the month of initiation. It is when things first start sprouting form the soil after a long harsh winter, and this day and age, it sure seems like humans will start to rear their heads again after a much longer than natural hibernation. Bottom line is what we do now will be the foundation for the rest of the year. If we don't plant the seeds now, we will miss the opportunities down the line. Remember, when we elevate ourselves, everyone benefits, so don't put yourself on the back burner while you manage everything else around you. Take the time to start your though processes on the right foot. This means aligning actions with values as much as possible and being the example of alignment for the world. The energy coming in this month is that of emotional craftsmanship and strength. Knowing your power as well as your weakness and navigating life with the grand balance of these extremes. Many of our spiritual teachings are heady, but life is asking us to learn to feel our way through the maze.

This month it is especially important to notice how the questions we ask make us feel. To feel good, we can ask the right questions and life’s answers will surprise and amaze us. Let’s say every question you ask is actually answered through the situations unfolding in your life(and I believe this is the case indeed). The Universe - constantly answering in a powerful way, channeling the energy of creation harmoniously with your expectations. Spending time being very clear on what makes you feel in alignment creates exactly what you want. Intention is a very important step in generating action and results, but more effective than that, is asking questions for life to answer. This step is often irreverently ignored when beginning new projects and this is what leads us to waste, scatter, self-sabotage results.

So to phrase questions in a way that creates alignment can often be as easily as reversing the questions we already pose. Let's first examine careless questions all of us ask out of frustration and try to feel the attitudes, emotions and experiences they elicit.

“How can this get any worse?”

“How long is this going to drag on?”

“Is this how the rest of my day is going to go?”

“What else is going to go wrong today?”

“How am I ever going to get out of debt?”

“Do you think I’m made out of money?”

There is a palpable sense of dread that comes from each of these and this is a sure fire way to misdirect an opportunity for creating the life you want.

What if for example we asked questions that evoke inspiration rather than cynicism? Example: “how can this situation be turned into an opportunity?”

“is there a way that I can collapse a couple activities today to catch up?”

“Is there a benefit to this challenge that I’m not seeing yet?”

“Is there something productive I can still get accomplished during this delay?”

“What resources do I already have that I’m not using to the fullest?”

“How can I increase my value to customers so they would be happy to pay higher rates?”

These types of question can lead you easily into creative action and will help you feel better in the moment. Most of these will undeniably lead you to an effective solution.

This frame of thinking can also be applied to the rest of the internal dialog that carries us throughout the day. While its funny in our culture to complain and criticize, many of us get addicted to the victimhood script. Flipping the script on emotionally charged questions will power you forward in a way you never imagined. If a negative question rears its ugly head, immediately rephrase the question to one that facilitates freedom, invites possibilities, and makes you feel better in the moment. Ideally, questions lead to reflection, imagination and practical solutions.

Eventually we may stumble upon some of the most important questions:

“What can I do today that will bring the most benefit to me and my family?”

“What kinds of things do I want to be remembered for when I’m gone?”

“How do people feel after spending time with me?”

“Would I be my own friend?”

“What are my best qualities?”

“Are my passions receiving the time they should to blossom?”

So in trying times, remember to do some soul searching, using the very obstacle at hand to provide growth opportunities and ask the right questions!

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