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Pruning Back our Lives

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

In August the theme is riding the wave of inertia, becoming airborne. At this time the tides have turned for many of us and it is important to surf the tsunami of energy forward. The month of July gave us a watery emotional impetus and we are now to take that and drive it forward into the world of new ideas, concepts and words of intention. Major changes have been put into play and as we fly through the next month, cutting our losses will give the lift we always wanted. The allegiances we once though we had are revealed to be rotten and diseased wood that must be cut away. With surgical precision we cut out the old to reveal an entirely new terrain of beauty we never knew was waiting for us. Eliminating fixation on external events brings internal resolve. Life force becoming renewed and vibrant as a fresh page of illumination and clarity gives motivation and powerful drive to push forward. This is the month to achieve the impossible. We can no longer settle for a cheaper version of ourselves so we hone our projection. All engines are on go and sails full of inspiration. Belief in the most optimal outcome and trust in the process are of the essence.

At this time many will cut back the bleeding allegiances of the past. Relationships that are bleeding us dry simply must go. As painful as it seems at first, new ones move in to fill the void. Simply forgive and drop all that is not in resonance with a positive vision of life. This means dissolving any type of relationship be it career, interpersonal, physical or behavioral. For example the current state of isolation can either amplify addictions or break them if used wisely. Since our environment plays a huge role in maintaining unhealthy patterns, we can choose to use the lack of group activities to release the social habits that normally create disfunction. This is not a time to follow others blindly. Treading lightly, and with watchful contemplation while gaining overview is most useful at this time. Watching your breath, watching your immediate surroundings, removing all distraction. It is as if we are in the jungle again; fully in the present moment. Out of the presence is born delight, self expression and a form of self knowing that creates inspiration and success. If you have difficulty staying present, take up a physical activity that requires you to stay in the moment. By training body we also train mind. Developing focus and stamina is extremely useful at this time and will serve us well in the months to come. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn a special skill and now you finally find yourself free from distraction and with the available time on your hands. Whatever it is, let it flourish.

Steady efforts give birth to success, fertility and abundance. In the fully present, available and awake state, results are imminent. From steady effort we expand into a higher octave of our rhythm and strength, proceeding with the cycles of time. No creature escapes the influence of nature and when fully given to the present moment, we become fully merged and aligned with its divine rhythms. The act of living becomes a beautiful dance, creating abundance without limit. Walking the balanced path and committing to the present allows us to become fair-minded and patient, just and tolerant, sincere and truthful. We become a well of hope and encouragement for others. Travel is beneficial at this time and will serve to amplify a well rounded perspective and cement the deep inner values that we have been nurturing this month. If you must ask for assistance in time of misfortune, bring sincere gifts as an offerings. This is the enlightened path for the month of August. The dawning of the harvest season, inherently brings big opportunities and abundance.

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