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AmpCoil System

Many of you have expressed interest in our new AmpCoil system. Please take a look as some of the benefits. While the system does not claim, to treat, cure or diagnose disease, it opens the pathways for your body to heal and revitalize itself. Increased electron speed from the application of the magnetic field has been shown to accelerate natural cellular processes and improve oxygen exchange in the body. The following images show some of the technologically measurable benefits using thermography. The following thermographic images were taken before and after 45 min AmpCoil sessions.

When we can support the body's natural functions, significant improvements in health are experienced. When multiple sessions are performed, the body begins to move into resonance naturally and entrains itself to the healing state.

New Referral Program: If you refer clients to Cosmic Balance, you can now receive a free AmpCoil add-on to your bodywork or energy sessions! Thank you for all your word-of-mouth recommendations!

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