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Holistic formula for powdery/flaky dry skin. This antifungal essential oil skin cream with anti-keratinics and ceramide halts proliferation of fungal strains and heals cracking, scaling hands and feet. This condition spiked after Covid overuse of alcohol based hand sanitizers which allowed fungi to proliferate and kill off bacteria. My formula targets molds and fungi. Only the highest grade essential oils on the market are used to make this blend and no expense is spared in the quality of ingredients. Contains: neem, manuka, lemongrass, lavender, myrrh, clove plus anti-karatinic agents and ceramide.

Skin Balance 2oz Pump

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Use this product night and morning after washing hands. Reapply if hands are washed for continuous benefits. This anti-microbial lotion is great to use after public pools and locker rooms and as a hand sanitizer.

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