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Emotional Compass

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will. Those who violate the law do in fact turn their backs on source. Those who do not understand their own will, fall under the wills of others. In the peak of the Kali Yuga many are lost in the sea of possibilities to the point of forgetting their divine freedom. Plugging into the current of the human matrix of confusion and distorted values, we fall. Many many many seeking guarantees, choosing their knowing by the views and opinions of society, yet they cannot grasp the knowing that is innately within. We have been taught the only authorities reside outside of ourselves and in this process we have forgotten that the only knowing we need to be concerned with is that of our soul and its innate divine compass. How to tell what is your truth? As Abraham Hicks would say, let your feelings be your guide. I imagine many reading this have been introduced to the work of Abraham at some point in their lives, however it is important to truly integrate this one concept. You already know what is right for you simply by observing your emotional state. Anytime you are out of alignment with your true Self, your emotions tell you so. If you are feeling angry, unsettled or distraught, your thoughts and actions are not supporting your truth. Your divine emotional compass tells you that your words, actions and creation are out of alignment. Unfortunately we have been taught to identify others as the source of our failure and unhappiness. In a way we have been outsourcing truth as well as responsibility and its time for all that to change.

I experienced this with my most recent ego death and noticed that my political affiliation constantly took me off balance. There was a huge struggle within, a feeling of hopelessness, a feeling of victimhood, yet it was so deeply ingrained that I didn’t even suspect this was causing a huge misalignment in my projection. Since I adjusted my position after looking at many source documents, my heart has been consistently open and free. Life turned on its head and I had to mourn the death of the old me as the truth sunk in that I have been falling for lies for many years and letting myself be led by other peoples opinion of the world, which was simply out of alignment with the magical reality that is our birthright. This has been one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life. Not until I made the shift did I realize how destructive my collectively driven beliefs were to my health, happiness and livelihood. Now I would like to introduce a concept that might upset some. The fact that consciousness flows outwardly in expression from thought to matter. In this case acting from a place of misalignment of thought and natural will consistently presents to us a material world that is farther from our truth and increasingly more disturbing. Acting from a place of emotional alignment brings fruitful results. Now just pause for a moment and think back to a time when you tried to create from a place of frustration. Have you ever attempted to assemble a piece of Ikea furniture and the pieces just didn’t fit? Did you notice that the more upset you got the worse your project turned out? Did you notice that you had to take a break, realign yourself back to a state of calm and then you were able to finish what you started? I am certain almost everyone has had such an experience and many of us have even become procrastinators due to this cycle of miscreation alone. The inner fear is built up from the internal compass telling us that action is likely to lead to undesirable result.

Now I propose that until you can find a way to act from a place of love and inspired empowerment, it is futile to spring into action because every action will lead to a negative consequence. It will happen so quick you will have no choice than to pause and recalibrate again, wasting precious time and resources until the lesson is learned. If you find yourself defending a viewpoint and being filled with rage, it is quite possible that you are on the wrong side of the argument. In fact your body is reacting to your own words, despite your urge to pin the other person participating in the conversation as the source of your internal discord. Your emotions (soul compass) are actually in disagreement with your own position and you have deviated from the state in which action creates desirable results. Any action that forces the other person to bend to your will and identifies them as the cause of your suffering will create a much greater problem down the line. On earth the material expression takes time to reveal itself and there is enough development time to allow humans to disassociate the fruits of our manifestation from their source, however with patience and intention you can easily test the ideas presented here. Any time you feel out of alignment trying to force yourself through life, ask “how can I change my perspective to be in harmony with the creative, expressive being that I am?.” Always realign yourself before taking action. If the feedback you receive from others is disturbing to you, ask which quality of self do I need to enlist that I have been ignoring or misappropriating? Often the simple answer is to bring forth an aspect that longs to be expressed. In some cases courage, straightforwardness, patience, perseverance, gentleness or empowerment.

On this full moon of the Hallows eve begin to use your inner compass starting to rest in the state of love. If your heart feels light and unconstricted, you are on the right track. Pay attention to that which your heart closes to. This will not be the way of divine expression. If we let our feelings be our guides, there is no need for external validation because the steps you take from that position will always lead to a desirable result. As I always say, all lives are temporary, all truths are fleeting and impermanent, but all steps taken from the seat of power in your heart will bring you to your divine fate and purpose. Acting from a place of love without question is the new normal and the path out of the woods of human confusion. May together we own and cherish our lives and live fully. Blessings my friends.

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